How to Tell a Good Replica Watch From the Bad Ones

Well today I want to share more info about the topic, in the hopes everything will become more clear for you. First things first, in order to understand what a smooth sweeping second hand means you need to know the difference between quartz replicas and automatic movement fake watches.

First off, quartz replica watch models are battery operated, while automatic ones are kinetic timepieces or self-winding. The big advantage of a quartz movement watch is that you will never have to wind it. Even if you don’t wear it for months on end, it will retain the capability of showing the correct time without you having to set it.

Automatic movement replica watches have a power reserve of 24-48 hours so if you take the replica watch off for a couple of days you will have to remember to set the time when you want to wear it again. Also, all automatic replicas be it a Rolex replica (my favorite) or a Cartier replica need to be worn for about 8-10 hours per day in order for them to tell time correctly.

Even though a quartz movement watch seems to be more practical, it’s the automatic movement watch that’s the true work of art due to its complicated inner mechanism. The more complex is the inside movement, the more difficult it is to replicate it. That’s the reason why major watch brands choose to make most of their watch models with extremely complex automatic movements inside, which in turns makes them very hard to replicate.


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